Statement of Extended Warranty

Terracon Corporation (Seller), in addition to its standard warranty, offers an extended warranty for a period of up to five years for certain Products it manufactures. The Extended Warranty covers certain tanks supplied by Seller that use specific tank accessories recommended by Seller based on Buyer’s use specifications.

In order to qualify and remain covered by the Extended Warranty the buyer must:

  1. participate in the Seller’s Accessories Replacement Program,
  2. purchase the recommended accessories only from Seller,
  3. purchase the accessories at the Sellers recommended frequency,
  4. agree to automatic shipment by Seller to Buyer at the recommended frequency,
  5. maintain the use specifications defined at time of purchase,
  6. abide by the Seller’s standard Purchase Terms and Conditions.

The Extended Warranty will be voided immediately upon:

  1. the Buyer’s non-participation of the terms or participation in the Accessories Replacement Program,
  2. the Buyer’s non-conformance with the Seller’s standard Purchase Terms and Conditions,
  3. use of the tank differently than specified by the Buyer at time of purchase.

The Extended Warranty covers only the warranty period of the tank and does not replace any other warranty provision as stated in the Seller’s Statement of Limited Warranty.