Terracon’s knowledge and expertise have created a variety of FDA-compliant mixing, storage, and dispenser tank solutions for medical and ultra-pure water applications.

Dialysis Mixing, Storage, and Dispensing

Dialysis clinics must have confidence their fluid management mixing, storage, processing, and dispensing requirements are working consistently and effectively. Clinics rely on Terracon’s dispenser tanks and solutions to support dialysis delivery to patients. Our products store and mix ingredients for medicinal dispensing. We also manufacture plastic dual-tank consoles that are ready for installation of piping, valves, pumps, and mixers. Customers can configure these consoles for their mixing and storage applications. Custom-designed Terracon wall boxes meet local regulatory requirements for delivery of fluids to dialysis machines.

Ultra-Pure Water and Chemical Storage

Leading water purification systems use TerraPure® plastic tanks for ultra-pure water and chemical storage at clinics. For example, Terracon’s fast turnaround times and expert tooling knowledge deliver acid concentrate storage tanks that fit medical customers’ schedules, applications, and cleanliness requirements.