Tank Stands / Seismic Restraints

Tank Stands

Terracon manufactures standard and custom stands that best support our mixing, transfer, and storage tanks. These tank stands are built to ensure the best stability and safety for your system.

We offer a variety of tank stand options that include:

  • Molded polyethylene plastic stands with integral feet
  • Fabricated plastic stands
  • Powder-coated metal (carbon steel) or stainless steel (304 and 316) stands

Mobile options are available for all plastic and steel tank stands.

Seismic Restraints

Terracon’s seismic restraints ensure your mixing, transfer, or storage tank will move with the floor and hold your equipment in place in the event of an earthquake or tremor. Our systems are available with either baseline or wet-stamp calculations depending on your location and its requirements. Seismic restraints are available for a wide range of our custom-designed plastic tanks and vessels.

Terracon tanks and stands