Custom Components and Capabilities/TerraMark

Custom Components

Using our expertise and knowledge in plastics molding, machining, and sheet stock manufacturing, Terracon can design a wide variety of custom components and accessories that add significant value to your mixing, transfer, and storage vessels. The following specialty components are just a few examples of what can be manufactured to meet your application’s specific requirements:

  • Drip trays
  • In-tank sensor guards
  • Access hatches, door loading ports
  • Bottle holders, filter baskets
  • Inline static mixers
  • Load cells

TerraMark Offers Permanent Identification for Thermoplastic Vessels

The TerraMark identification system is a permanent labeling process for thermoplastic tanks and vessels. The label is washable, has a professional appearance, and does not come in contact with the container’s contents. The TerraMark system permits cost-effective identification on each vessel without sacrificing autoclavability.