Life Sciences

Terracon is a plastics expert creating solutions that solve mixing, transfer, and storage challenges for life science and bioprocessing applications. Our products are cGMP-compliant, and meet USP Class VI requirements. Terracon’s solutions are ideal for buffer, media preparation, and chromatography slurry mixing; material transfer including mobile tanks and a variety of totes, carriers, accessories, and storage. An industry leader in plastic mixing, transfer, and storage vessels, our pre-engineered and custom solutions are utilized throughout life science research, development, and manufacturing processes.

The Specialist in Single-Use Accessories, Storage, Transfer, and Processing

Terracon combines engineering and technology expertise with deep life science knowledge to quickly deliver single-use solutions that solve customers’ storage, transfer, and mixing needs. We offer custom and standard designs for single-use impellers, baffles, dip tubes, adapters, fittings, carboys, and valves, plus single-use tanks for biopharmaceutical processing. Our products are approved for USP Class VI, cGMP, and FDA applications and are available with rapid turnaround times.

Mixers for Media, Slurries, and Process Chromatography

Terracon’s mixers offer proven, reliable solutions that are designed and built to your requirements in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. These 20 L to 2,000 L cylindrical cone, dish-bottom tanks or carboys provide optimal mixing with options that include agitators with multiple impellers, baffles for complete mixing, and spray balls for cleaning in place (CIP). Plastic eliminates the pitting,  corrosion, and ionic contamination found in stainless steel tanks.

New! Terracon Advanced Mixers with Metenova Zero-g Technology — Fully customizable for pharmaceutical and life science applications

Transfer of Bulk Liquids, Powders and Single-Use Bags for Biopharma Processing

Terracon provides a wide array of products designed to optimize bioprocessing for the transfer of bulk liquids and powders including mobile tanks, totes, and carry trays for 2D pillow or 3D single-use bags.  Both pre-engineered and custom-fabricated solutions are available to meet your specific workflow needs.

New! KDT Series Knockdown Tote — From 50L–500L, customizable to your specific needs

Storage of Ultra-Pure Water or Chemicals

Terracon is the recognized leader in ultra-pure water storage with our pre-engineered TerraPure® tank line or, using highly chemical-resistant plastics, for a wide variety of chemicals. Our 20 L to 60,000 L storage tanks  are ideal for ultra-pure water applications ranging from large bulk exterior storage tanks to custom-fabricated tanks including skids. Terracon has pioneered single-use tanks that offer the convenience of single-use bags while eliminating the maintenance of bag-support systems.

Accessories: Fittings, Dip Tubes, Single-Use Products, and Specialty Workstations

Terracon has a wide selection of fittings, valves, reusable or single-use impellers and baffles, dip tubes, and other tank, mixer, and single-use bag accessories. The products meet the most stringent biopharmaceutical requirements.