Carry Trays

Terracon produces carrying trays for single-use bags found in pharmaceutical production. These products include stackable single-use bag carrying trays and storage trays. Terracon works with manufacturers and users to custom build these products for holding and transporting their precisely engineered, validated, and sterile storage and mixing bags. Our disposable bag carriers prevent bag breakage and the loss of expensive contents.

Terracon’s disposable bag carriers range in size to handle up to 500 L single-use mixing bags. Our designs are optimized to maximize air flow for freezing and thawing and include slots for level visualization and tubing access. Terracon carrying trays incorporate an interlocking design for stability and security, plus have a machined space for identification labels.

Terracon carrying trays feature:

  • Rectangular and cylindrical models
  • Shelves for mixers or pumps
  • Sloped floor and hose ports, as desired
  • VFD / controls mount
  • Easy mobility with all-swivel, non-marking casters

Custom biopharmaceutical totes for single-use bags also are available.

Terracon transfer trays