Pre-Engineered Plastic Tanks

Pre-engineered TerraPure® polyethylene plastic tanks are the industry leader for quality and rapid delivery. The storage tanks are available in 125- or 250-gallon capacities, have seven pre-installed fittings (sanitary tri-clamp or threaded), and come with a molded stand. Delivery time is within 2 weeks.

Used in ultra-pure water and pure-chemistry applications TerraPure tanks feature one-piece, no-seam construction; offer complete drainage; and are gas tight for nitrogen blanket applications. TerraPure polypropylene tanks are USP Class VI-compliant to address biopharmaceutical requirements, and can handle fluid temperatures up to 212° F for applications such as water for injection (WFI). All of Terracon’s thermoplastics comply with FDA regulations.

New Compact 1000-Gallon Tank Saves Floor Space

Terracon’s compact, pre-engineered  1,000-gallon plastic storage tank is designed for applications with limited floor space. Its 50 inch square footprint is ideal where floor space is limited.

When used with Terracon tank accessories, our product warranty is extended up to 5 years.

Terracon mixing tanks pre engineered