Tank Fittings/Valves/Outlets

Terracon has the experience and expertise to design custom solutions with the tank fittings, valves, and outlets required to meet your needs. Whether your mixing, transfer, or storage application requires sanitary fittings for pure water applications, or common tank fittings such as ANSI flanges, we can design a solution for your specific requirements.

Terracon’s fittings and ports include:

  • Tri-clamp fittings: full range of sanitary (ASME BPE hygienic) standard fittings
  • TerraPort® fittings: sanitary low-profile, minimal dead-leg fittings that protect all sealing surfaces within surrounding body
  • Common tank fittings: including ANSI flanges, NPT half or full couplings, and mechanical bulkheads
  • Ports: wide variety of ports, including sample and view ports, for quality management, quality control, and process management applications

Valve and outlet accessories include:

  • Diaphragm radial outlet valves
  • Zero dead-leg valves
  • Sample ports and valves
  • Total drain cone or dish bottoms
  • Manways and hand ways

Tank accessories include:

  • Tank filters
  • Burst discs
  • Volume sensor housings
  • Weight-based volume calibration
  • External piping and accessories manifolds
Terracon Fittings and valves.