Custom Tanks

Terracon offers a wide range of custom tanks for most industrial and biopharmaceutical processes. With our expertise and workflow knowledge, we can build tanks specifically for your storage, medical mixing and dispensing, and quality inspection applications within 4 to 5 weeks.

These storage vessels range in volumes from 2 gallons (8 L) to 16,000 gallons (60,000 L) and come in cylindrical and rectangular shapes. Our custom tanks are available with dish, cone, and flat bottoms and have plastic, powder-coated metal, or stainless-steel stands. They conform to USG Class VI, FDA, and cGMP requirements.

When used with Terracon tank accessories, our product warranty is extended up to 5 years.

Cylindrical Custom Tanks

Terracon’s durable, one-piece molded closed-top cylindrical custom tanks are ideal for indoor or outdoor process or bulk storage and can include manways for easy access. Manufactured of linear polyethylene, these storage vessels offer greater low-temperature impact resistance than fiberglass and are more economical than stainless steel. Terracon’s plastic custom tanks are highly chemical resistant and FDA-compliant. These tanks are available in UV-stabilized or light-blocking black resin.

Cylindrical open-top tanks are ideal for short-term or non-critical storage with applications ranging from water treatment to mixing and dispensing systems used in dialysis. Cylindrical, closed-top storage vessels are suitable for longer-term needs such as bulk storage and storing and dispensing  acids, caustics, or chemicals. These tanks are available with flat or cone bottoms depending on the application need.

Rectangular Tanks

Terracon designs rectangular custom tanks for industrial quality and inspection processes, or for biopharmaceutical applications where space utilization is of primary concern. These plastic tanks are available in sizes from 2 gallons to 1,200 gallons and are seamless, durable, and corrosion and impact resistant. They offer operating temperatures up to 160° F in polyethylene and up to 212° F in polypropylene.

Seismic restraint systems and secondary containment solutions are available on all storage tank models.

Terracon custom tank examples