Terracon offers a wide variety of industrial plastic tanks with fast turnaround times for water purification and treatment, reverse-osmosis and deionized water (RO/DI), and chemical storage and mixing applications. Our solutions are found across the entire industrial production lifecycle – from manufacturing mixing tanks to plastic water storage tanks to waste transport vessels. For example, water treatment plants value Terracon products for their quality and ability to be customized with a wide range of accessories.

Our configuration capabilities, when combined with accessories such as tank filters and rupture disks, create custom solutions that meet your specific needs. In addition, spray balls are designed to support industrial clean-in-place and water circulation requirements.

Process Tanks

Terracon designs plastic process tanks for use in industrial quality and inspection processes. These polyethylene and polypropylene vessels are typically rectangular in shape to meet the size and floor plan requirements of industrial testing. Process tanks are custom-designed for your size requirements.

Terracon Builds Giant Tanks for Biofuels Facility

Terracon manufactured some of the largest roto-molded industrial plastic tanks in the U.S. for a renewable energy plant in Texas. The cylindrical cone-bottom tanks ranged in capacity from 65 to 1,600 gallons and were precisely outfitted with openings and fixtures.

Terracon system in use