Dip Tubes/Spargers/Spray Balls

We custom build dip tubes, spargers, funnels, and spray balls to your specifications to ensure consistent and reliable mixing and clean-in-place (CIP) solutions.

Dip tubes achieve improved mixing through quick and instant dispersion of the media resulting in product consistency. They also allow for solution sampling and testing throughout the mixing process. Straight, bent (J-tubes), and curved dip tubes are available.

Spargers permit injection of powders, gasses, or liquids into the mixer to speed dispersion and maintain air bubbles. They also introduce liquids in granular beds to promote dissolution.

Tri-clam or loose-fitting funnels enable powder introduction to liquids.

Spray balls are a key component of validated biopharma clean-in-place (CIP) solutions. They are commonly used in pairs or triplets. For validation testing, Terracon offers rotating or fixed spray patterning, CAD modeling, riboflavin validation testing and certificates of compliance, and CIP validation to ensure spray-ball effectiveness. Up-spraying, down-spraying, and 360°-spraying models are available. Spray balls also play a critical role in pure water, reverse-osmosis loop return applications. They keep the interior surface of pure water storage tanks wet, eliminating potential bacteria and algae growth.