Mixing Tanks

Terracon’s knowledge and expertise are exemplified in its polypropylene and polyethylene mixing tanks. From small-volume carboy mixers to specialty applications such as low-level tulip tanks to large-scale process tanks, Terracon provides both pre-engineered and custom solutions.  From design to delivery, we offer one of the fastest response times in the industry. Our plastic mixers are more economical than metal vessels, and are not susceptible to pitting, rusting, or ionic contamination.

Terracon plastic mixers are available from low-volume, inline static mixers to 50,000 L process tanks. Stand options include plastic, stainless steel, or powder-coated metal stands. They can be ordered with cylindrical flat, cone, and dish-bottom tanks or as rectangular tanks. Options include sanitary fittings, complete drain systems, and spray balls for cleaning in place (CIP). Dual-impeller agitators, baffles, and vortex breakers can be added to optimize mixing. Terracon mixers can be configured to meet USP Class VI, cGMP, and FDA requirements.

Advanced-Technology Mixers with Metenova Zero-g Technology

Offering turnkey, highly configurable, advanced-technology plastic mixers for a wide range of FDA- and GMP-compliant pharmaceutical applications. These fully customizable mixers are designed for robustness, accuracy, flexibility, and non-metallic product contact. They are available with rapid, 6-week delivery times.

TerraPro Series Mixers for Life Science Applications

TerraPro Series mixers are our premium vessels for meeting the documentation and certification requirements of cGMP and USP Class VI applications. From carboys to 1,500 L sizes, the TerraPro Series is ideal for the preparation of media, buffers, and chromatography slurries. These plastic mixers work well with single-use bags. They are available with a range of options:

  • Total drain cone or dish bottoms
  • Zero dead-leg valves
  • Sample valves
  • Baffles
  • Vortex breakers
  • cGMP covers
  • Wide range of aseptic fittings
  • Dip tubes
  • Clean-in-place spray balls
  • All-poly impellers
  • Air lances (spargers)
  • Low-level tulip tank design
  • Electric and air-drive agitators
  • Non-shedding lip seals on agitator
  • Mechanical seals on agitator
  • NEMA 4 wash-down speed controllers
  • Pre-wired motors and speed controllers
  • Mobile carriers
  • Load cells

Sanitary Series Mixers for Life Science and FDA Applications

Terracon’s Sanitary Series mixers incorporate the same features as our TerraPro line, but with more economical agitator and tank options. Sanitary Series mixing tanks are for applications with less-strict cGMP and material requirements. Polypropylene and polyethylene tanks are available. Polyethylene mixing tanks range from carboys up to 50,000 L.

Industrial Series Mixers

Terracon’s Industrial Series plastic mixers range from carboys to up to 50,000 L, and are frequently used for chemical mixing. The series offers economical mixing solutions including:

  • Polyethlyene tanks
  • Threaded and flanged fittings
  • Hinged covers
  • Open tops