Advanced-Technology Mixers

Advanced-Technology Mixers with Metenova Zero-g Technology

Terracon is now offering turnkey, highly configurable, advanced-technology, magnetic-drive plastic mixing systems for a variety of FDA- and GMP-compliant pharmaceutical applications. The systems combine Metenova AB’s Zero-g technology with Terracon’s 40+ years of expertise in providing application-specific mixing technology.

The fully customizable mixers are designed for development and production processes where robustness, accuracy, flexibility, and non-metallic contact are demanded. The turnkey systems save customers the cost and labor of integrating motors, tanks, load cells, and accessories from multiple vendors.

The highly efficient mixing systems are designed with low shear to protect high-value pharmaceutical products. Metenova’s proprietary Zero-g mix head technology levitates the mixer head vertically on a magnetic cushion. The design eliminates mechanical seals, acts as a shock absorber for the mixer to reduce the risk of particle shedding and provides the highest level of aseptic design.

The mixer’s polypropylene construction and mix head are USP Class VI-, FDA-, and GMP-compliant and provide 100% non-metallic surface contact. Ports and accessories are configurable to specific application needs. The mixers are available in 50L, 400L, and 1,000L sizes.

Terracon mixing solution tank advanced technology