Press Release

Terracon Expands Computer-Aided Manufacturing Capabilities

FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS, August 14, 2018 — Terracon, a leader in plastic for mixing, transferring, and storing of fluids, has expanded its capabilities by implementing computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) with the addition of a high-speed precision mill-turn machining center. In conjunction with the company’s computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities, the mill-turn center completes a suite that enables CAM, an advanced productivity tool, to add precise details required for specific applications. This new machining center will add to Terracon’s existing capabilities that range from multi-axis overhead routing to precision machining of flat stock.

“The pace of product development demands that process changes be prototyped, tested, and implemented rapidly and cost effectively,” said Christopher McNary, vice president and general manager. “This work must be conducted while meeting the stringent demands of cGMP, FDA and Ultra-Pure Water guidelines in the biopharmaceutical, medical, and industrial markets.

The new mill-turn machining center will provide numerous customer benefits:

  • Rapid turnaround: reduced prototype lead times from weeks to days and shorter production run lead times
  • Sanitary machining: reduces the numbers of parts and interfaces minimizing surface transitions. Ideal for ASME-BPE, cGMP, FDA, and clean water applications
  • Precision: CAD drawings feed directly to the machine ensuring first part accuracy and production precision
  • Intricate machining: allows for small features to be densely packed, maximizing versatility to meet applications needs
  • Traceability: fully traceable certifications including USP Class IV compliance. Documentation provided in a comprehensive turnover package

About Terracon

Terracon is the expert in plastics for mixing, transfer, and storage applications. From standard, off-the-shelf products to custom-configured solutions, its plastic tanks, vessels, and accessories are found across a wide range of life science, medical, and industrial markets. Based in Franklin, Massachusetts, Terracon manufacturers products used in thousands of companies’ facilities that span four continents.