Press Release

Factory Acceptance Test for Terracon Rinse Station, Custom Mixing Tank Successfully Completed

Leading Global Pharmaceutical Firm Signs Off, Takes Delivery of Products following Extensive Demo

Holliston, MA – January 20, 2012 – Terracon Corporation recently received a sign-off from one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies following factory acceptance testing of two products – its TerraSpray™ Rinse Station and a custom-designed mixing tank. Both products have now been delivered to the customer’s US lab facilities.

The factory acceptance testing was conducted at Terracon’s Holliston, MA facilities to demonstrate the functionality and safety features of the rinse station and mixing tank – both of which were key to the customer’s decision to work with Terracon and purchase the products.

According to Rob Jewett, Terracon president, the customer’s lab manager saw the TerraSpray Rinse Station as a way to increase efficiencies at the facility she oversees. “A great number of carboys are used by her group on a day-to-day basis – so many, in fact, that they need to periodically have a ‘carboy cleaning day’ to catch up and clean and rinse them all. This rinse station will change all that and deliver significant time savings.”

The non-metallic TerraSpray Rinse Station allows users to efficiently and cost-effectively rinse carboys and containers. The operator simply places the container upside down on top of the rinse station and activates the fluid-driven rotary spray nozzle. The process rinses the container quickly and completely.

The polyethylene mixing tank was custom-designed for the pharmaceutical company’s process development group which regularly had to contend with clouds of dust that would form after combining various compounds. The new tank incorporates a funnel that will enable workers to safely add chemicals and a hood to capture vapors that might escape and be dispersed.

“The primary driver for purchasing the mixing tank was safety,” said Jewett. “But, like the rinse station, it also creates new efficiencies. The process is automated now and workers won’t have to wait until the dust settles – literally – before continuing to mix various materials.”

Mike Matton of New England Sales, the reseller who brought Terracon and the pharmaceutical firm together, said: “When my customers have a need for a poly tank or plastic fabrication, I immediately turn to Terracon Corporation for the great products they design and deliver. Terracon is the leader in designing and manufacturing top of the line tanks and mixing systems, as well as complete solutions for pharm and biopharm applications.”

For further information on TerraSpray Rinse Stations, Terracon mixing tanks and the company’s other fluid management solutions, contact Terracon’s sales group at 508-429-9950 or by email at