Baffles/Vortex Breakers/Covers

Terracon’s life science expertise enables the manufacture of custom baffled tanks and vortex breakers for biopharmaceutical mixing applications. Our product line includes custom or standard baffled tanks. We build reusable exterior (non-wetted) baffles for single-use bags and interior single-use bag baffles with multiple dip tubes. Vortex breakers prevent pump cavitation and are available in standard or custom models.

Terracon mixing, transfer, and storage vessel covers range from open-top tanks to cGMP models. We offer:

  • Gasketed cGMP covers with J-bolt captive/quick release
  • Overlap or inlay models
  • Molded dust covers (hat-box style)
  • Fabricated dust covers (hat-box style)
  • Hinged covers (50-50 or 1/3-2/3)