Terracon Plastic Tank Solutions

The TerraPure® Family

Terracon Terrapure

The TerraPure family of tanks offer a high quality, cost effective solution for ultra pure water applications, ultra pure water storage and WFI applications. Seismic restraint systems available on all models.


Designed for the purest process waters or chemistries, the one-piece capsule shape design provides for complete drainage. A Viton®-gasketed 6" screw lid maintains nitrogen blanket pressure. One-piece rotationally molded construction yields a rugged, seamless, corrosion free container suitable for an almost unlimited number of solutions, including storage and dispensing applications.


TerraPure® Pre-engineered Tank

This ready-made solution includes our TerraPure tank with 7 key fittings pre-installed for a rapid turnaround time of just 2 weeks or less to ship from time of order.



Fluorinated for ultra-pure storage, this model offers, in addition to the standard features, a PTFE (post-mold fluorinated - polytetrafluoroethylene) barrier. This fluoropolymerization technique provides an inert surface - no extractables, no ionic contamination - all at a fraction of the cost of traditional fluoroplastic tanks.


TerraPure molded plastic tank standTerraPure® Molded Stand

Newly redesigned, the TerraPure stand now allows increased access to the tank bottom and the ability to install off-center fittings. The 40 lb stand can support over 4000 lbs and accommodates both the 125 and 250 gallon TerraPure tanks.



The polypropylene tank ideal for taking the heat and for water for injection (WFI) applications. Save time, money and hassle with the newest tank member in capacities of 125 gallon or 250 gallon capacities. This plastic tank is USP Class VI compliant, handles liquids up to 200° F. Insulating blanket available as are multiple stand options.


TerraPure® Features & Benefits

  • Totally enclosed
  • Gas-tight for nitrogen blanketing, no atmospheric intrusion
  • 34" diameter, fits through standard doors
  • 180° F capability, steam-cleanable, hot D.I.
  • Capsule design for complete drainage
  • Custom sizes available; seismic tie-downs available
  • All thermoplastics comply with FDA regulations


FDA compliant linear polyethylene (21 CFR 177.1520 (c)3.1a), premium grade virgin resin, natural white (translucent) for best visibility of liquid level, UV stabilized. Dimensions provided here carry an overall tolerance of +/- 3% at room temperature. Temperature changes can magnify this tolerance in molded products. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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