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TerraPro Poly Mixing Tank

The new TerraPro Mix Tank offers a pre-engineered, cost-effective mixing tank solution specifically for life sciences applications. Ideal for media and buffer preparation, the mixer is available in its pre-engineered configuration with a short lead time of just 2-4 weeks to ship. If customization is required, Terracon offers a range of available options to suit your application. Customization will entail a longer ship time.

Pre-Engineered TerraPro Mix Tank includes:

  • TerraPro (USP Class VI polypropylene) self-draining tank with handles
  • Mobile carrier – sturdy, yet easy to move
  • cGMP cover with standard fittings
  • Mix volume of 350 L to 600 L
  • Viscosity of 1-500cps
  • Liquid specific gravity: 1.2
  • Vapor tight, animal free, USP VI lip seal on mixer
  • Pre-wired speed controller
  • Documentation package

TerraMix Poly Mixing Tank coverCustomizable Options Include:

  • Total drain diaphragm valve
  • Stainless steel tie-down solution, tank to carrier
  • Fittings – sample ports, dip tubes, manways, tank outlets, baffles
  • Stainless steel carrier
  • Casters – options available
  • CIP testing

The TerraPro Mix Tank is the result of listening to the needs of customers and the market and developing a solution that is pre-engineered and ready to ship in rapid time. Need a custom solution? No problem, as Terracon specializes in designing and manufacturing custom fluid management solutions. Contact us today to discuss customizing the TerraPro mix tank for your application needs.

For more information and specifications on the TerraPro Mix Tank, see our Product Bulletin.

To order your TerraPro Mix Tank today, contact us online or call us at 508-429-9950

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