Terracon Plastic Tank Solutions
Terracon DualProcess

Terracon's inventory of top-quality rotomolded cylindrical tanks includes tanks specifically designed for dispensing. These specialty tanks are cylindrical cone bottom tanks and are available as either open top cone bottom (COC) or closed top cone bottom (CXC) options to support your requirements.

One example of Terracon's custom dispensing tank solutions includes our dual tank console. This dual tank console is ready for installation of your piping, valves, pumps, mixers, and other accessories to create your finished mix and dispense system. Originally designed for mixing and dispensing sodium bicarbonate solution in hemodialysis clinics, this plastic tank console fits the bill in any batch application that requires a complete mix and verification prior to distribution or dispensing.

Users are able to configure the system in the manner that best suits the application. Some use one plastic tank for mixing, and the other only as a distribution loop reservoir. Others perform both processes in both tanks, alternating between tanks to allow for cleaning and disinfecting between batches, while keeping the downstream system always in operation.

Standard 60- or 115-Gallon consoles are available for use as is, or to build prototypes. Terracon can quickly custom configure a dual console to fit your needs precisely. Known for superior workmanship in custom configured tanks, Terracon's console pairs form the basis for many of the finest mixing and dispensing systems available.

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