Terracon Plastic Tank Solutions
Terracon Storage Tanks

Terracon's complete inventory of top-quality rotomolded cylindrical tanks assures our ability to provide what you need, when you need it. A flat-bottom cylindrical plastic tank molded in virgin linear polyethylene is the ideal choice for storage.

Terracon's durable, one-piece molded flat bottom cylindrical tanks are ideal for indoor or outdoor process or bulk storage. Manufactured of linear polyethylene, these plastic tanks offer greater low temperature impact resistance than fiberglass and are more economical than stainless steel. Terracon's plastic storage tanks are highly chemical resistant and FDA compliant.

What tank solution is best for your storage needs?

For short term or non critical storage solutions, learn more about Terracon’s cylindrical open top flat bottom (COF) storage tanks designed specifically for such applications.

For longer term storage needs, including bulk storage applications and the storage of the strongest acids, caustics or chemicals, check out our cylindrical closed top flat bottom storage tank (CXF).

Whether your application demands the mechanical strength and chemical resistance to withstand the nastiest acids, the cleanliness to handle the extremes of ultra-pure water storage or the purity to maintain ionic contaminants in the parts-per-billion range, Terracon's team of application specialists and plastic fabricators can put together the right system for you.

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