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TerraPort™ (US Patent Number 7,134,695)

TerraPort Expanded

TerraPort™ is the answer to the fragile sanitary fittings currently used on non-metallic vessels.

Why TerraPort™?

  • minimizes dead leg; reduces risk of bacterial growth or trapped fluids
  • enables aseptic transitions
  • available in USP Class VI polypropylene
  • ideal fitting for view port or sample port
  • promotes complete drainage

TerraPort's patented design has addressed the risk of traditional sanitary fittings protruding outward from the tank wall, leaving the critical sealing surface vulnerable to impact. Upon impact, not only was the sanitary fitting compromised, but usually the entire vessel was useless. This is no longer the case with TerraPort's innovative design.

Features of TerraPort™

  • machined from solid FDA compliant bar stock (USP class VI compliant in the case of polypropylene).
  • low profile (1") welded port that protrudes outward from the tank wall, no further than the existing top lip of the tank.
  • the sealing area is housed within the fitting protecting it from impact for worry-free transport and plumbing.

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