Terracon Plastic Tank Solutions

Engineers contact Terracon for help in designing custom solutions to complex fluid management challenges. Common challenges include:

  • full drainage of tank contents for efficiency and sanitary requirements
  • sanitary solutions minimizing dead leg, reducing risk of bacteria, or preventing entrapment of fluids in fittings.

The risks of a solution that does not meet these sanitary requirements is high. Leading OEMs and end users in the life sciences, food and beverage, and ultra pure water industries rely on Terracon for custom solutions that deliver.

Promega Tank 04As shown in this image, a radial outlet valve has been used on the bottom of this tank to facilitate complete drainage. The tank and the outlet valve were designed to specifications to eliminate dead leg.

Diaphram Valve ExpandedThe image to the left includes the various components of a diaphragm valve of which the radial outlet valve is one type.

Terracon's patented TerraPort is an ideal tank outlet fitting to promote complete drainage while meeting aseptic transition requirements.

All tank outlet options are available in USP Class VI polypropylene.

When you need a solution that enables full drainage, don't cobble together a solution. Get Terracon involved early to design the complete custom tank solution and fittings and accessories you need. Contact us today.

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