Terracon Plastic Tank Solutions

Engineers contact Terracon for custom plastic tank solutions often used in production. The tanks, including bottom entry mixers and top entry mixers, may be part of a production environment or part of an R&D lab for a bio tech. Whatever the application, two common requirements emerge that are critical to managing quality and the process:

  • View ports
  • Sample ports or sample valves

Whether your application demands an aseptic transition or not, Terracon has the expertise and experience to design and deliver a proven, custom solution to meet your needs.

View Ports

Media Slurry TankAs shown in the image, view ports may be designed on the top of a solution or can be designed into the side of the custom poly tank. The application and your requirements to see inside the tank will dictate the view port design the Terracon team recommends. There are many view port options available to meet your needs. For one application, a viewing window was designed into the side wall of a decantation tank to monitor the fluid separation process. Should your application require minimized dead-leg for the view port, TerraPort is the ideal fitting.

Sample Ports

Terracon Bottom Mixer 03A sample port or sample valve enables you to get a sample from the plastic tank. We commonly design sample ports into our plastic tanks including cone-bottom tanks and bottom-entry mixers. This image shows a sample port on the side of a bottom entry mix tank, enabling the team to easily take a sample, and monitor ongoing quality and manage the production process. This sample port at the bottom of the tank's sidewall enables the team to evaluate mixing quality easily. If your application requires a sample port and you require aseptic transitioning, TerraPort is the ideal fitting to use.

You deserve a solution that meets all of your needs - from budget to space to quality management. Rest assured you can stop cobbling together a solution by contacting Terracon today to design a custom solution that will meet all your requirements throughout the process - from production to quality controls.

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