Terracon Plastic Tank Solutions

Does your fluid management challenge require aseptic fittings? Tri-clamp fittings (hygienic clamp ferrules, in BPE parlance) are the standard sanitary fitting and are commonly used in life sciences and the food and beverage industries for mechanically joining pipes, valves and fittings. Tri-clamp fittings are available into the full range of sizes listed by the latest ASME BPE standard to meet your specific requirements. Contact Terracon today to discuss your specific application to see how Terracon's expertise and experience will solve your challenges.

Other, non-metallic vessels with sanitary connections are generally equipped with fittings whose sanitary flanges were thermoformed or compression-molded at the end of a stub of thin-wall tube. At Terracon, we machine our sanitary fittings from solid bar stock. This gives us a far more stable and sturdy fitting to weld into the walls of your tank, carboy, vessel, or mixer.

For locations on a tank that are at risk for impact damage. Terracon developed and patented the TerraPort low-profile, minimal dead-leg fitting, which protects the all-important sealing surface within a surrounding body. Learn more about TerraPort.

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Other fittings commonly incorporated into Terracon custom fabricated plastic tank solutions:

  • Ports - wide variety of ports to meet your quality management, quality control, and process management needs including sample ports and view ports.
  • Tank Outlets
  • Common Fittings including HC, FC, ANSI flanges and mechanical bulkheads.

Contact Terracon today to discuss your application. Get us involved early in your design process to save you time and money.

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