Terracon Plastic Tank Solutions

If sanitary fittings are not required for the application, common threaded or ANSI-compatible flange fittings are available. At Terracon, most of these fittings are welded into the tank to deliver the best possible structural integrity and material compatibility. Welding also ensures a long-term seal as changes in the temperature affect the common fitting and the plastic tank at the same rate.

Common fittings for a custom plastic tank solution may include the following:

Threaded fittings (NPT): Threaded fittings are welded into the plastic tank matching the tank (polyethylene or polypropylene). Depending on the application, half coupling and full coupling threaded fittings are available.

  • Half coupling or HC, threaded on one end only, are available in a wide range of standard NPT  (F) sizes from 1/4" to 6" (or larger by special order). Contact us today to discuss your needs and we will work with you to design a solution with the proper fittings for your application.
  • Full coupling or FC, threaded at both ends, are common fittings that offer a user an opportunity to install accessory connections inside the tank as well as outside. This can be especially useful for installing elbows to direct the flow of incoming fluids to impart a rotational flow in the tank, or to position a spray ball or nozzle at a particular location using inside the unit.

ANSI Flanges

Many piping systems are designed to use ANSI flanges for all connections. Terracon can equip your tank with flat-faced flanges that comply with ANSI 150# dimensions. All standard ANSI sizes from ½" to 8" are immediately available. Larger sizes are available as well for specific applications.

Mechanical Bulkheads

Mechanical bulkheads offer a lower cost alternative to a welded common fitting. Mechanical bulkheads are installed in holes drilled into the plastic tank to connect your system piping. If your application does not require the extra security of welded fittings, mechanical bulkheads may be a good alternative.

As you define the fitting requirements you have, get in touch with us at Terracon. We have the expertise and experience to work with you and your engineering team to design a solution that will meet your budget, timeline and requirements. Contact us today.

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