Terracon Plastic Tank Solutions

The newly redesigned TerraPure Molded Stand embodies the quality and features of the original with its molded polyethylene (LPE) construction, anti-corrosive properties, and uncompromising stability. Weighing in at 40 lbs, the stand can support over 4000 lbs!

TerraPure molded plastic tank stand

With its improved 4-way design, the stand now delivers these additional benefits:

  • Increased access to the bottom of the tank with 40% of the surface accessible
  • Now accommodates installation of off-center fittings
  • Decreased contact with the ground prevents wicking action
  • Easier to carry and maneuver in tight spaces

The TerraPure stand is available in sizes to accommodate both the 125 gal and 250 gal TerraPure tanks. Contact us now for more information or to speak with a sales representative.

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