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Creatively and cost effectively solving fluid management challenges involves a wide variety of accessories. In order to truly deliver a solution, we have designed a wide variety of accessories to ensure the challenge is solved... completely.

Single use applications are prevalent in the life sciences arena and specifically for many of our customers in the biopharmaceutical sector. While engineers have painstakingly designed single use 2-D disposable bags to hold and transport life sciences-related fluids, the reality is that is only half the solution.

Have you been left holding the bag?

Terracon works with manufacturers and consumers of single use containers to custom design the carry trays for holding and transporting such precisely engineered, validated, sterile storage bags. In addition to increased content safety, Terracon's complete single use system solution also provides many other unique benefits.

Why Terracon's carry trays?

  1. Scalability: Available to meet your specifications. Scalable to allow for increases in production and stackable with interlocking devices to maximize storage space.
  2. Security and Reliability: Prevent breakage of bags and loss of expensive contents. Be confident that single use contents are protected for transport and storage. Trays designed for uniform thawing.
  3. Customized: No more settling for a solution that does not meet your exact needs. Terracon's carry trays are custom designed with all details accounted for. Read a case study.

Count on Terracon to craft a carrier to meet your specific needs.


Read how a leading biopharma manufacturer turned to Terracon for their storage needs.

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