Terracon UltraPure Water Systems Tanks
TerraPure tank with seismic kit – the big one

When it comes to reverse osmosis (RO) and deionized water (DI) systems, Terracon designs and delivers the industry standard for storing RO and DI water. Our TerraPure tank line is the only thermoplastic tank designed specifically to meet the requirements for industrial ultra pure water applications. Don't settle or cobble together an unproven solution when it comes to designing and delivering a reliable RO DI water system. Count on Terracon to be your storage tank solution for RO DI ultrapure water applications including lab, clinical and hemodialysis water systems. Look no further to design and deliver a quality RO and DI water system that includes the storage tank that has been the RO and DI water storage industry standard for decades.

Why TerraPure Tanks for Industrial RO DI water systems?

  • Proven partner for ultrapure water systems including RO and DI water storage for a wide range of applications.
  • TerraPure® line of tanks is specifically designed for ultrapure water storage solutions. One-piece rotationally-molded construction yields a rugged, seamless, corrosion-free container.
  • TerraPure tanks available up to 250 gallons. Alternative tank solutions available for larger capacity requirements including seismic restraint systems.
  • Lead times of less than four weeks; may be two weeks or less depending on requirements.
  • Seismic restraint systems available & certified for use anywhere in the United States.
  • Customized to meet your specific RO DI water systems requirements. Level of customization exceeds alternatives available on the market.

Additional benefits of Terracon's one-piece molded rectangular open-top flat bottom tanks:

  • Easy cleaning with a smooth interior
  • Large L shaped lip allows for either overlap or inlay covers
  • For secondary storage needs, simply order the next size up and your needs are met!

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