Terracon UltraPure Water Systems Tanks
Terracon Terrapure

Terracon is a problem solver when it comes to fluid management challenges and the ultra pure water industry relies on Terracon and our custom plastic tank solutions to meet the specific requirements for ultrapure water storage and sanitizing ultra pure water systems.

Our ultrapure customers turn to Terracon and our TerraPure® Family of tanks for their ultrapure waters systems for 3 reasons:

  1. Save money
  2. Save hassle
  3. Save time

Why Terracon for Ultra Pure Water Solutions?

  1. Custom designed fluid management solutions across the entire lifecycle: from mixing and processing to storage and cleaning.
  2. Our TerraPure® line of tanks is specifically designed for ultrapure water storage solutions. One-piece rotationally molded construction yields a rugged, seamless, corrosion-free container suitable for an almost unlimited number of solution, storage and dispensing applications.
  3. The Pre-Engineered TerraPure Tank is a ready-made solution that comes equipped with 7 key fittings pre-installed and is available to ship in just 2-4 weeks from time of order.
  4. Fluorinated for ultrapure water storage. Learn more about our TerraPure-F® model that offers a PTFE (post-mold fluorinated - polytetrafluoroethylene) barrier. This technique provides an inert surface - no extractables, no ionic contamination - all at a fraction of the cost of traditional fluoroplastic tanks.
  5. TerraPro™ – handles the heat and is ideal for WFI (water for injection) and for sanitizing ultra pure water systems.
  6. Proven expertise that includes a dedicated team working with you.
  7. Creative, cost effective solutions with quick response times – our tanks' designed-in configurability enables fast, reliable customization.
  8. Quality. ISO 9001 Certified

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