Terracon UltraPure Water Systems Tanks
Terracon Medical/Hemodialysis Solutions

Terracon is a problem solver when it comes to fluid management challenges. Medical clinics and their patients across the country count on Terracon for its quality and cost effective fluid management solutions. Dialysis clinics demand the peace of mind to know that their fluid management mixing, storage, processing and dispensing requirements are working consistently and effectively.

Across North America, hemodialysis clinics rely on Terracon's fluid management solutions to support the primary functions of delivering dialysis to its patients:

  1. Ultra pure water storage
  2. Storage of the acids/ingredients
  3. Mixing function to mix the ingredients and prepare the medicine for dispensing
  4. The wall box to dispense the medicine to the patient at the clinic

The Terracon team has designed and delivered various custom designed solutions to meet the specific requirements of hemodialysis clinics. While dimensions and specifications vary, the end Terracon solution enables the above 4 critical functions to operate on an ongoing basis.

Ultra Pure Water Storage

Manufacturers of the best water purification systems use our TerraPure® or other custom plastic tanks for central storage of pure water at the clinics.

Mixing & Dispensing

The most respected manufacturers of bicarb mix and dispense systems rely on Terracon’s custom mixing tanks and dispensing tanks and craftsmanship for single- and dual-tank assemblies upon which they base their own outstanding systems.

Storage of Concentrated Chemicals

Top clinic operators count on Terracon's dependable lead-time and expert tooling capability to deliver acid concentrate storage tanks that fit their schedules, applications, and cleanliness requirements.

Medicinal Dispensing

In thousands of clinics around North America, these fluids are delivered to dialysis machines through wall-mounted valve boxes designed and created by Terracon for our customers' specific requirements.

Independent clinic operators depend upon Terracon’s knowledge of their industry and applications to help solve the problems that they encounter on a regular basis. Most of the time, we’ve helped someone else with the same problem or one very similar and we can bring that experience to the table to help you, too.

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