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Terracon is a problem solver when it comes to fluid management challenges. In the broad arena of life sciences, Terracon’s proven expertise is best leveraged for biopharmaceutical and biotechnical applications working with living cells that are managed carefully throughout the process working in relatively small batches. As an industry leader in molded plastic tanks, our custom solutions are ideal for solutions across the research and manufacturing process for living cells including as examples live enzymes, vaccines, and hormones.

Our biopharmaceutical customers commonly have the following challenges:

  1. Managing costs – for example, the costs and time of validated cleaning processes
  2. Performance - finding solutions that meet their precise needs for production, storage and transporting
  3. Sanitization/cross contamination concerns
  4. Productivity challenges with manual processes and the inherent challenges of working in smaller batches.

Terracon- Problem Solvers in Life Sciences

  1. Costs – single use applications designed to manage costs including avoiding the costs of validated cleaning processes. Custom designed tanks for single use mixing and storage solutions. Lower cost alternatives to expensive stainless steel.
  2. Performance: our plastic tanks and complete solutions are tough, durable, impact resistant and FDA compliant.
  3. High purity and sanitization – eliminate cross contamination concerns with tanks designed specifically for ultra pure requirements (TerraPure tank line) including WFI applications and clean in place (CIP) solutions. TerraSpray solution for elimination of cross contamination in other biopharma labs.
  4. Productivity – custom tanks designed specifically to support the biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing processes – for storage, mixing, dispensing and cleaning.

Our TerraPharma™ solution line is designed and delivered to meet life sciences and biopharmaceutical specifications:

  1. Tanks & vessels - For sanitary storing of inputs, mixing tanks and vessels to hold your precisely engineered single use bags. Our tanks and vessels include plastic cylindrical cone-bottom tanks to custom designed tanks with openings and fittings designed to spec.
  2. Single use disposable bag carriers – specially designed carry trays support single use applications and are available in a variety of dimensions to meet your needs for holding and transporting single use bags.
  3. The TerraSpray™ Rinse Stations for carboys and vessels eliminate cross contamination worries and improve productivity. We offer a variety of sizes to best fit your cleaning process demands and space limitations. Self contained to eliminate safety hazards and wet floors.
  4. Custom machined components & accessories designed for the pharmaceutical space.
  5. Clean Room Worktables - custom designed for workflow improvements.

Why Terracon?

  1. FDA compliant materials – virgin linear polyethylene or polypropylene
  2. Custom designed fluid management solutions across the entire lifecycle: from mixing and processing to storage and cleaning.
  3. Custom designs meet USP Class VI standards
  4. Autoclavable solutions
  5. Proven expertise that includes a dedicated team working with you
  6. Creative, cost effective solutions with quick response times
  7. Quality. ISO 9001 Certified

Terraon Fluid Management Process Solutions