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industrial plastic rectangular tankWhy Terracon for a rectangular tank?

  • We are the proven partner for designing plastic tanks for use in quality and inspection processes for a wide variety of industrial applications
  • We offer a 100 choices of sizes of rectangular plastic tanks from 2 gallon to 1,200 gallon capacity
  • Proven, ideal solution for secondary containment systems

“Terracon is the leader in designing and manufacturing top of the line tanks and mixing systems.”


Terracon offers one-piece molded rectangular tanks that give you the following benefits:

  • Strength – tough, seamless, durable, corrosion and impact resistant.
  • Temperature resistance – high density polyethylene offers resistance up to 160°F; Terracon offers molded rectangular tanks in polypropylene to tolerate temperatures up to 200°F. All tanks can be fiberglass wrapped for temperatures up to 212°F.
  • Cost - a more economical solution than stainless steel

Additional benefits of Terracon's one-piece molded rectangular open-top flat bottom tanks:

  • Easy cleaning with a smooth interior
  • Large L shaped lip allows for either overlap or inlay covers
  • For secondary storage needs, simply order the next size up and your needs are met!
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Who is Terracon?

We are the leader in designing and delivering custom-configured plastic tanks and accessories. If you transfer, mix and/or store fluids including biopharmaceuticals and high purity water, get Terracon involved to save you time, money and hassle.

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