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Terracon Introduces Pre-Engineered TerraPure Tank for UltraPure Water Applications

New Polyethylene Tank Ships in Two Weeks or Less, Includes Pre-Installed Fittings for Quick, Easy Set Up

Franklin, MA – September 17, 2014 – Terracon Corporation has announced the introduction of a pre-engineered version of its TerraPure tank. This addition to the company’s industry- leading line of custom TerraPure tanks is molded from FDA-compliant linear polyethylene and available in 125 or 250 gallon capacities. It includes seven pre-installed fittings and ships in two weeks or less.

The new pre-engineered TerraPure tank offers the same features and benefits found in Terracon’s existing TerraPure tank line – plus quick turnaround. An unmatched solution for the purest process waters and chemistries, the capsule shaped tank provides for complete and thorough drainage. Its one-piece rotationally-molded construction makes for seamless, corrosion-free containment while a Vitron®-gasketed 6” screw lid maintains nitrogen blanket pressure.

Along with Terracon’s molded plastic stand, the pre-engineered TerraPure tank includes fittings – sanitary tri-clamps or threaded (NPT Female) as requested by the customer – for the most common end-user connections: feed/fill, loop return, vent, high level sensor, low level sensor, sample draw, and loop supply/drain. The fittings are located for ease of plumbing and installation.

“This is a great addition to our proven, industry-leading TerraPure tank line,” said Rob Jewett, president of Terracon. “While we continue to offer custom solutions for companies that require them, when possible we will pre-engineer tanks and other products that address common applications, enabling our customers to meet their fluid management needs faster and more efficiently. Shipping this solution in two weeks or less is a real, measurable benefit for our customers both in terms of time and cost savings.”

Additional stand options and other tank enhancements are available with longer lead times. For more details on Terracon’s pre-engineered tank solution, visit the company’s website at www.terracon-solutions.com – or contact its sales group by phone at 508-429-9950 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Terracon Introduces TerraPro Mixer at INTERPHEX Japan

New Polypropylene Mixing Tank is Pre-Engineered to Meet Needs of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Franklin, MA – July 9, 2014 – Terracon Corporation has announced the introduction of a new production-sized mixing tank – the TerraPro Mixer – designed to meet the need of life sciences companies for a high-performance mixer that can be delivered quickly; the pre-engineered version ships in just two to four weeks.

First shown at the recent INTERPHEX Japan in Tokyo, the TerraPro Mixer is ideal for media and buffer preparation. Molded from USP Class VI polypropylene, the mixing tank is self-draining and can handle from 350 to 600 liters at a liquid viscosity range of 1 to 500 cps.

The TerraPro Mixer is extremely durable yet lightweight; it can be easily moved or repositioned using its welded-in-place handles and polyethylene stand with casters. The mixing tank is spray nozzle cleanable and includes a pre-wired speed controller, cGMP cover with standard fittings, and a vapor tight, animal-free USP VI lip seal on the mixer itself. All fittings are designed to meet aseptic transition requirements.

“Response to this product at INTERPHEX Japan was excellent,” said Rob Jewett, president of Terracon. “While we’re known for our custom tanks and mixers – when the market speaks, we listen. A lot of companies have been asking us to design a mixing tank with these features that could be delivered in a month or less. This product reflects the same high standards we bring to our custom tanks and mixers, but provides the benefit of quick turn-around. We expect the same strong, positive reaction here in the U.S. to what we saw in Japan.”

Given its reputation for custom solutions, Terracon offers a number of options and enhancements for the TerraPro Mixer to meet specific customer applications. Options include but are not limited to a total drain diaphragm valve, a stainless tie-down solution for greater tank stability, and a wide range of ports and fittings. For details and specifications of the pre-engineered TerraPro Mixer as well as available options, visit the company’s website at www.terracon-solutions.com – or contact Terracon’s sales group by phone at 508-429-9950 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..