Terracon Corporation Company Info

Many companies talk about themselves as a family. It can seem contrived and perhaps trite. At Terracon, we have worked as a team for many years – decades in fact. The average tenure on our team is over 12 years with five team members having worked together for over 20 years. We are proud of that dedication and consistency and believe that expertise and experience offers our customers great value, too. Terracon is ISO 9001 certified as part of our ongoing commitment to quality and continuous improvements to best serve our customers.

The below content is intended to give you a better sense of who we are and what we care about.


Terracon has built a highly dedicated and professional team that is committed to our customers and their needs. Our company ensures this by our deep commitment to our employees and our shared company values. Our values support the enjoyment and quality of our work. We state them simply, with just five terms:

  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Learning
  • Employee Satisfaction


Terracon proudly provides custom configured non-metallic solutions to the very best manufacturers and operators in ultrapure water, hemodialysis, biopharmaceutical, and general high purity markets.


To be recognized as the partner to turn to and count on for the design, engineering and manufacturing of special purpose plastic tanks and vessels for the storage, mixing and transfer of liquids. To be acknowledged as the partner for life sciences and pure water applications when the requirements include cleanability, sanitary processing and high purity contents.

Our commitment to our employees

Terracon's management is committed to the belief that our employees are our most valuable and important asset. With all members of Team Terracon working toward a clear, shared set of objectives, the whole team enjoys the rewards.

Our commitment to our prospective customers

If you have a fluid containment need, no matter how common or rare, give us a call. We've probably done something like it before and our team is committed to meeting and exceeding your needs too. Even if we haven't done exactly the same thing before, you can be sure we'll apply our decades of experience to it. We'll solve that problem. It's what we do.