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You Gotta See It to Believe It

There is a manufacturer's representative company in the northeastern part of the US with whom we've worked on a few good-sized projects over the last several years. Their market mix has shifted over the last couple of years, and they are seeing more business in cGMP applications than they had in the past.

Their sales team members have seen more areas within installations in this industry, and built relationships with different personnel at the companies they have served for years. In doing so, they've often heard their customers ask about certain vessel applications, and they've said, "No, we don't do that."

A few members of their team visited Terracon recently. They had expected to spend an hour or so with us inspecting a handful of vessels we had customized for their customer. They ended up spending nearly four hours with us, because as they looked around our facility and saw the kinds of things that our production team was working on, they kept coming up with ideas to help their customers. This led our visitors to ask lots of questions that began with the phrase, "Can you . . . ?"

The answer nearly always started with, "Yes. And . . . "

The rep firm will be sending the rest of their outside sales team to our shop soon so they can all get a true sense of Terracon's broad capabilities. You just have to see it to believe it.

Give us a call to arrange an eye-opening experience for yourself. We'd love to show you around, and we'll answer as many questions as possible with, "Yes. And . . ."

Interphex Japan 2014

1986. That was the year I first made a business trip from New England to visit Tokyo, Japan. It was a long, long ride! During this year's Fourth-of-July week, Jason Kallio, Terracon's Sales Executive, made the same trip to attend Interphex Japan and to introduce the TerraPro Mixer, our new pre-engineered ix Tank.

It was fun to compare notes with him, as this was his first visit to Japan. Although our first trips were nearly 30 years apart, we shared a handful of observations. First, we agreed that flying non-stop from the east coast is NOT a fun flight!

Happily, both of us had the advantage of having a gracious local host to help us navigate in a very busy metropolis where all the signage is in a language we aren't equipped to comprehend. Even though both of us had taken some Japanese language courses before our visits, we were not capable of holding a conversation.

Also, we both found that the personal interactions during a sales conversation are subtly different in Japan from what we are accustomed to here in the States. As was the case when I visited, the people with whom Jason was working were terrific in coaching him about these subtleties, and everyone appreciated the fact that we tried to use at least a little Japanese in our conversations. If you can laugh at yourself, that turns out to be a good ice-breaker to get the conversation on a relaxed note!

The trade show hall was busy, exciting, and energetic. Many of the show attendees who visited the Double Helix booth were fascinated by the TerraPro mix tank. While there were other products on display in this over-sized exhibit, the mix tank was a great draw, and people seemed to be happy to form a circle around it and hear about its design features and advantages.

From our trips, separated by decades, Jason and I both brought home a new understanding of the commitment required of those folks who must make this trip frequently as part of their working obligations. To all of those people, we bow and say, "Minasama no gokurou ni kansha surutotomoni sono sutamina ni keii wo hyousimasu." ("We thank you for your hard work, and respect your stamina").

TerraPro Mixer Introduced at INTERPHEX Japan 2014

TerraPro Mixer Interphex JapanHaving the pre-engineered TerraPro Mixer introduced at INTERPHEX Japan 2014 was a remarkable experience. The product was envisioned less than a year ago so we could have a starting point for a basic polypropylene mixing product. The inspiration came from listening to our customers who had cobbled together poly mix tank designs in the past.

At INTERPHEX Japan 2014, it became perfectly clear that using the TerraPro Mixer as a mobile slurry tank was of more interest than employing it as a mobile buffer mix tank. USP VI, polypropylene, slurry mix tanks are a common product for Terracon. So, add some baffles and a total drain diaphragm valve, and we now have the starting point of a slurry tank configuration.Terracon TerraPro Mixer

What prospects commented mostly about was: the ability to turn around basic TerraPro Mixer tank designs in 2 - 4 weeks; the ability to customize the volume to their need; the ability to provide CIP validation testing (riboflavin test) as an option; and that a full document package is provided.

If you are ever in the Boston area and you want a private showing, let us know. We would love to have you in for a visit. See you at the next show.

Best regards,
Jason Kallio
Sales Executive